Eating carbs can be healthy

There is the common misconception that diets should exclude carbs. I always hear people boast about their carb free diets and how they swear by it such as the paleo  diet and Atkins.

carbs-are-goodAccording to an article on Huffington Post, “Can Carbs Fit Into a Healthy Diet?“, there a good carbs and bad carbs. Carbs should be included in a persons diet.

“Our brain needs carbs,” says naturopathic medical doctor Alan Christianson.

Dr. Christianson suggests eating beans, rice and stir fries.

There are good carbs, and good fats, so it is dangerous to have diets that encourage people to cut these out completely.

My roommate is on a “strict” no carb diet. However, she eats fried chicken cutlets and chases your vodka with sugary soda. I tell her that the correct way to lose weight is to eat in moderation and work out. For some reason people believe that cutting out carbohydrates completely will help them lose weight.

Although, you can still lose weight on a low carb diet, research shows that after a person ends a low-carb or no carb diet, they gain the weight back faster than they lost it.

In my opinion, I still think that everything is good in moderation. I eat carbohydrates with almost every meal, but I don’t go overboard. I love eating sandwiches, bagels and potatoes. I think it is important to have a variety in your diet and cutting carbs out limits your diet.



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