Which Coaching Style is Best?

It is important to know which type of coaching style is the best for each person. There are many different approaches when it comes to how a personal trainer motivates their trainee.

According to an article called, “Find Your Coaching Style” for Ideafit.com, there are five different types of personal trainers, these are the three that I agreed with most.

There is the drill sergeant who screams in the face of their trainee and tells him or her what they are doing wrong. personal-trainerThis type of trainer is very in your face and bluntly honest. He or she uses tough love to motivate people to work harder.

The cheerleader is the optimist trainer filled with energy. Each class the trainer insists that anything is possible and every obstacle can be overcome.

The academic trainer looks at diet and exercise down to the science. This method is for people who prefer a reason-based approach. This trainer looks at the science of working out for so long to burn so many calories at a time.

In my opinion, my favorite type of trainer is a mixture of each. I like a trainer that pushes me extremely hard like a drill sergeant without being insulting. A cheerleader type of trainer is important to me because encouragement goes a long way. The personal trainer that uses an academic approach helps me be realistic of my goals.

In my personal experience, I had a tumbling coach that trained Olympic gymnasts. From fifth grade until my senior year of high school, I worked with the same man to teach me. He was tough on me when I needed it. He encouraged me to keep trying when I got frustrated and was realistic about my goals for each competition I had coming up.


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